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Let's put the Sun in the Sunshine State.

Everyone's wondering what to do about global warming, right? Well, here in Florida, the answer really should include solar power.

Here's an idea: Why not put solar panels on all our roofs? We'll save money on our utility bills AND generate enough energy -- with zero pollution -- to cut out 20 coal power plants. (Coal plants are the biggest source of global warming pollution.)

We can do it. I know we can. California did it. Governor Crist is looking for clean energy ideas. Will you join us? It only takes a second. Please click here to sign on.

Why support the Florida Solar Initiative?


"Over the summer, Florida Governor Crist signed an Executive Order (EO 127) calling for increased investment in renewable energy in the state."

"Unfortunately, this marks the beginning, not the end of the effort to see a real transition to renewable energy. He’s facing intense pressure to water down his efforts by letting ‘clean coal’ count as renewable and making the targets voluntary..."

"'s clear that a real investment in renewable energy is not going to just happen on its own. When it comes to renewable energy in Florida, solar is by far the best resource. Working with local advocates and other solar experts and building on real-world experience from other states, we’ve developed a program--called the Florida Solar Initiative--that will result in a world-class solar market in Florida..."

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